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The Aquarian Theosophist, May 2020


These are the main topics of our May 2020 edition: 
* The Custodians of a Purpose - p. 01.
* The Unperturbed Perception - p. 02.
* Paracelsus on Philosophy and Nature - p. 03.
* Neoplatonism in Paracelsus - p. 04.
* Helena Blavatsky: Light is Sublimated Gold - p. 05.
* Gold, According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica - p. 07.
* Paracelsus, on the Three Kinds of Gold - p. 08.
* Covid-19: Positive Aspects of the Quarantine, by Juan Pedro Bercial - p. 09.
* The Poem “Notes on a Pandemic”, by Susan Waters - pp. 9-10.
* Making a Successful Life, by O. S. Marden - p. 10.
* Helena Blavatsky: The Ages of Revolution - pp. 11-12.
* O.S. Marden: Simplicity Shows You the Truth - pp. 12-13.
* Thoughts Along the Road: The Right Amount of Diversity, in a Philosophical School of Thought - pp. 14-15.
* The Moment of Transmutation - p. 16.
* From Susan Waters, on Jean Overton Fuller - p. 16.
* Seven Ideas for a Silent Reading, With Links to the Corresponding Texts - p. 17.
* Passages From Blavatsky That Refer to Mesmer and Mesmerism, Part 3 - pp. 18-20.
With 21 pages, the edition includes the List of New Items at the associated websites.
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The Aquarian Theosophist, May 2020
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