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The Occult World


A School of Philosophy of Which
The Modern Culture Has Lost Sight
A.P. Sinnett
Alfred P. Sinnett
To one whose comprehension of Nature and
Humanity ranges so far beyond the science and
philosophy of Europe, that only the broadest minded
representatives of either will be able to realize the existence
of such powers  in Man as those he constantly exercises, - to
whose gracious friendship has given the present
writer his title to claim the attention of the European
world, this little volume, with permission sought and
obtained, is affectionately dedicated.
The book “The Occult World” was published in the associated websites on 29 June 2019.
See “The Mahatma Letters”, A. Trevor Barker (ed.), 1926 edition, published by T. Fisher Unwin Ltd., in London, UK, 493 pages.
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The Occult World
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