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Family and the Sources of Life


The Sacred Side of Human Love is the
Root and Foundation of Every Society
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
For a long time now, the Karmic pressures generated by various materialistic delusions have been inviting many to abandon ethics and to boycott the contact with their own souls.
Through commercial media and other means, an assault is unleashed by organized ignorance against the intimate structures of human relations. People are robbed of the time they need to think. The relation between children and parents becomes less profound than necessary for both parties. The deep levels of love between man and woman are forgotten.  
Yet everything is interconnected in human reality. There must be respect for that which creates life, in order for the feeling of respect for Life itself to be strong.  When a society can’t see the sacredness in the production of life, it also despises life itself.  
In other words, the banalization of sex and the promotion of lust for commercial and other selfish purposes lead to the banalization of war. They provoke the trivialization of murder, abortion, destruction of forests, and the worship of technology. Then the forms of life-denying ignorance are many: the energy of Kundalini is widely inverted and perverted.
In the world order of money, human beings are regulated by material objects, and are themselves largely reduced to the condition of objects. Lasting love and ethics are often seen as ridicule. These two feelings become politically incorrect. At the same time they get to be potentially revolutionary and tremendously powerful, for celestial energies are permanent, and they are invincible.
Ethics is the Law, while selfishness is a passing, unfortunate circumstance. Entire societies emerge, live and disappear according to their cyclically oscillating levels of ethics and good sense, while loyal human relations changelessly persist, and human couple and family bonds remain as long as they are deep and sincere.
The love between woman and man has sacred levels which constitute the central point to any society.[1] From antiquity, all cultural traditions have celebrated the divine aspects of human couple, which express the spiritual souls of people.  There can be no family or society without the human couple. Swiss-Argentine Psychoanalyst Enrique Pichon-Rivière writes:
“Malinowski emphasizes ‘the impossibility of envisaging any form of social organization without the family structure’. The family is the essential unit of every social organization across the history of humanity. It acquires this dynamic meaning because its functioning provides an adequate context for the definition and preservation of human differences. Thus, it gives objective form to the different but mutually linked roles of father, mother, and child -the primary roles in every culture. The family can only function on the basis of differences among its members that determine these three closely related roles. If these differences are denied or ignored, even by a single member of the group, the essential configuration that conditions normal life will be modified, creating a state of confusion and chaos.” [2]
The lasting bond of love between man and woman involves long-term responsibility, and an article in “The Theosophical Movement” magazine says:
“No Hindu marriage is completed without the ritual of saptapadi, which literally means ‘seven steps’. Saptapadi involves taking of seven vows or seven promises by both the bride and the groom, with the sacred fire serving as the witness. In the last vow they promise to be true and loyal to each other, to take care of each other in any circumstances, and to remain companions and best of friends for the lifetime.”
An altruistic commitment is essential to the generation and the preservation of Life. The article proceeds:
“In all the cultures wedding vows outline the same goals - lifelong commitment, devotion and mutual respect. Marriage is seen to be an everlasting bond, and the marriage vows reinforce the couple’s intent to stay together through thick and thin. The unprecedented increase in divorce rate seems to suggest that within few years, or even months of marriage, these vows are almost forgotten. When these vows are not taken with understanding the couple does not know what exactly they are promising to do. One’s faith in human goodness and trustworthiness is re-affirmed when one comes across people who do not make lip-promises, but are ready to go to any length to keep one’s word.” [3]
The true revolution and social change take place in one’s soul first, and occur by transferring power to the impersonal and higher levels of consciousness. There is no pleasure like the pleasure of selfless love and understanding, which harmonizes sky and earth in one’s daily life.[4]
There are elevating pressures in human History and Karma which emerge once and again in full force and with a tremendous healing power. They do so at the right time, according to the law of cycles and usually in unpredictable ways.
By recognizing the sacred and central character of love between woman and man, one can see that its varying quality and strength determine the Karma of every nation and community. Thus the citizens learn how best to cherish life and live with respect for all beings. Universal friendship and ethics do not belong to us: we belong to them, instead.
[1] Read in our websites “How Women Enlighten the Future”, by A Master of the Wisdom.
[2] From the essay “The Treatment of Family Groups”, by Enrique Pichon-Rivière, in the book “The Linked Self in Psychoanalysis (The Pioneering Work of Enrique Pichon Rivière)”, edited by Roberto Losso, Lea S. de Setton and David E. Scharff, London, UK, Karnac Books, Ltd., 2017, 275 pp., see p. 70. In Portuguese language, the passage is in the book “O Processo Grupal” by Enrique Pichon-Rivière, Martins Fontes Editora Ltda., 1983, São Paulo, Brazil, 181 pp., see pp. 39-40.
[3] From the anonymous article “Word of Honour”, published in “The Theosophical Movement” magazine, Mumbai, India, May 2017, p. 05.
[4] See the list “Texts on the Family and the Path”.
An initial version of the above article was published at “The Aquaria Theosophist”, November 2017, pp. 1-2. It has no indication as to the name of the author, and its title was “Preserving the Roots of Life”. The text was published as an independent article in our associated websites on 17 December 2018.
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Family and the Sources of Life
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